Virtual Showings for Home Buyers

By: Sameer Ansari

Virtual Showings for Home Buyers


View homes in the GTA from the comfort of your home

As a Home Buyer, your search for a home begins on the internet. You browse through listings, either you found on a website, or came to your inbox from a Realtor. Once you’re ready to buy, your next step would be to ask your Realtor to arrange a viewing of the properties you're interested in. Thus begins the process of In-person Showings. 


How many houses do you have to go and see, before you find your dream home? What if you could view the properties in real-time, without leaving the comfort of your home? Sameer Ansari has taken steps to use technology as a tool to make it easy to buy a home. That is why he offers his clients Virtual Showings. Using state of the art Camera(s) and Video Connection(s), Sameer Ansari will show you properties. Once you have narrowed down your list to one or more properties you actually like, then you can book an In-person Showing. 


This will allow you to save a tremendous amount of time and gas. You will also stay Covid-19 safe. Your Realtor Sameer Ansari will do most of the work for you, at no cost to you!


Contact Sameer Ansari today, to find out how you can benefit from his services for Home Buyers.